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Engineered for the real world

Because you need it to work.
All the time. Every time.


Engineered for the Real World

Because you need it to work.
All the time. Every time.


Engineered for the real world

Because you need it to work.
All the time. Every time.


Engineered for the real world

Because you need it to work.
All the time. Every time.


Engineered for the real world

Because you need it to work.
All the time. Every time.


Engineered for the real world

Because you need it to work.
All the time. Every time.

Innovative Slurry Transport Solutions
Built for Long-Term Reliability

High QUALITY Design

Using state-of-the-art 3D CAD and BOM management software, Hagler Group is able to collaborate create and manage large projects.

Project Management

Our approach is adaptive, flexible, and responsive. Your needs are continually given the highest priority, ensuring delivery on time and on budget.

Product Fabrication

Hagler Group has global strategic partners giving us the capability to produce projects large and small with minimal limitations on capacity.

Long-term Support

Your Hagler team works closely with you to continue supporting your equipment long after you receive them.

Slurry transport products built for the real world

Innovative, dependable products that can handle the demands of the environments they’re made for. We also provide Engineering, Project Management, and Field Support services.

Oil and Gas, Dredging, Mining and other industries

Standard and customized Rotating Equipment Packages, Barges, Dredges, and Pump & Piping Accessories.

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Submersible Dredge Pumps & Pump Assemblies, Pumphouses, Dredges, Barges, Slurry Process Tanks & Check Valves

Hagler Group designs and builds solutions custom tailored to your unique needs, if what you’re looking for is outside our standard product offering.

“Anyone can spec out equipment that assumes ideal operating conditions. But the real world isn’t ideal. Not by a long shot. It’s harsh and unforgiving. It’s filled with the unexpected. Slurry isn’t theoretical. It’s real. It doesn’t care about the nice clean office environment where the engineering diagrams were created. We get that. Our focus has always been to design and deliver products that work reliably in tough real world settings.” —Ben Hagler, CEO

Some of the amazing companies our team has experience working with

Why Hagler Group?

Over the past 70 incredible years, the Hagler name has established a solid reputation for engineering reliable hydro transport products that function consistently in real-world environments. from products such as dredges, barges, pumping assemblies, to accessories and engineering services, Hagler Group is your best choice.

Generations of Haglers have continued this legacy of excellence. The company dates all the way back to 1949, when Tom Hagler Sr. purchased GIW.  Six years later Tom Hagler, Jr. created the GIW Slurry Test Lab. Tom Hagler, Sr. patented the U Loop Density meter. A hydraulic slide rule invented by Danforth Hagler in the 1960s is on display at the Smithsonian! Ben Hagler, Sr. patented a pump impeller lifting device. Hagler Group was formed in 2019 with the vision of evolving into a new brand specifically focused on bringing more innovative and reliable products to the market.

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The Hagler family has been developing innovative and reliable solutions for oil and gas, mining, and other industries since way back in 1947. We believe in engineering solutions that work in the harsh conditions of the real world. There’s nothing more frustrating than having slurry pumping systems go down because the specifications designed in warm, dry, clean office settings failed in the environments where they were actually used. We get that. Our commitment to you is designing and building stuff that works, then supporting you for long-term results. Give us a call today.

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The Hagler name is recognized around the world for engineering excellence

Detail Oriented

Hagler Group is known for exceptional attention to detail in industrial engineering

Fabrication Capacity

Hagler Group has the capability to produce large and small projects


Every project produced by Hagler Group is an opportunity to excel

State of the Art

State-of-the-art tools empower Hagler Group to engineer state-of-the-art industrial pumping and dredging products

Engineered for the real world

Because the real world is full of surprises

Engineering Excellence

Hagler Group offers a skilled and highly experienced engineering team



We stay engaged with you, from the start of engineering right through the building process, to ensure your satisfaction.



We are known for our long history and emphasis on reliability in all environmental conditions.



Hagler innovation dates back to 1954, when Tom Hagler Jr. created the GIW Slurry Test Lab.



Our mindset of continual improvement ensures you get reliable outcomes, focused on industry leadership.


Are you ready for excellence? Learn more about how efficient it can be for your company to work with an engineering team that has been consistently leading the industry with reliable and innovative solutions.

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