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Innovating since before you were even born

The Hagler legacy goes back generations. Thomas Waterman Hagler, Sr. served as President of the venerated Georgia Iron Works from 1947 to 1971, and purchased the company in 1949. GIW was instrumental in ushering in a vast number of innovations for mining, oil and gas, and dredging that are still being utilized today. Tom Hagler Jr. joined the company in 1956, with a mechanical engineering degree he had earned at Georgia Tech. He became Chief Engineer, and in 1971 transitioned to President, Treasurer and CEO.

There was no Internet in those days, and precious few resources to draw on. The Haglers shaped the industry and led the way in finding new approaches to make things work better and more efficiently. The GIW Hydraulic Slide Rule conceived and designed by Danny Hagler in 1961 was so remarkable that it’s now on display in the Smithsonian!

Today, Hagler Group continues to bring you those same values of excellence and commitment to innovation.

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Thomas Waterman Hagler, Sr., who began the Hagler legacy, stands with a dredge pump in the 1950s.

Providing long-term, reliable user experiences in slurry transport systems

Let’s face it. Far too often, the slurry transport solutions out there don’t work as well as they should. We grew up in the world of dredging. Hagler Group CEO Ben Hagler, Sr. has been around slurry since he was 14 years old. We’ve seen countless situations where stuff went wrong. Our entire 73-year family legacy has been to create solutions that just work. All the time. Every time.

Our equipment lasts longer. It’s incredibly dependable. We have a long history of pump design and construction. We’ve seen the many ways that things can go wrong when they’re faced with real world conditions. Typical off-the-shelf products don’t anticipate what happens in situations where the environment isn’t ideal. They don’t account for full trees and sticky mud ending up in ponds over a long winter. Standard dredges were designed to pick up sand and silt, not the real crap that’s in the tailing ponds. We know how to pump clay balls, 8-inch rocks, ponds full of trees and more to help you be successful.

Hagler Group exists for when you need something that works in the tough conditions of the real world.

In addition to great product engineering and design, our service speaks for itself. We’re with you all the way to the implementation of your systems.

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Innovative, dependable products

We’re focused on solutions custom tailored to your specific needs. You describe exactly what you need. We then collaborate with you to design and build an ideal solution that will be purpose-driven, ergonomic, user-friendly, cost effective, and most important of all, reliable in the real world settings where it’s deployed. Plus, a new product line is coming soon.

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To keep a pulse on the latest industry developments and innovations, Hagler Group maintains affiliations with a number of exceptional organizations.

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